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Brabantia Drying Rack Tower 23m - Fresh White

Brabantia Drying Rack Tower 23m - Fresh White

Brabantia Compact Rotary 3 Arms - 30m Silver

Brabantia Compact Rotary 3 Arms - 30m Silver

Brabantia Smartlift Large Rotary Washing Line with Metal Soil Spear, Peg Bag and Cover, 60 m


  • Easily adjustable for every height, smooth movement of dryer arms when fully loaded
  • 60 m of drying space, 221 x 219 x 219 cm
  • All arms fitted with special holes for clothes hangers, ideal for drying delicate laundry
  • Weather resistant cover, easy to put on and to remove, zip fastener along entire length
  • Comes with 5-year Brabantia guarantee; for each laundry tree that is sold, WeForest will plant a real tree on behalf of Brabantia

SmartLift - The Clue is in The Name

Trust Brabantia to come up with an idea. This rotary washing line is an ideal choice if you need a trouble-free, easy to use rotary clothes line. It's just not like ordinary dryers. The SmartLift technology takes all the work out of hanging out the laundry. It's so simple. Just unlock the foot pedal with one press and then lift the rotary section of the dryer to the desired height, up to a maximum of 205 cm high.

It Takes the Strain So You Don't Have To

This large rotary dryer is suitable for those heavy wash loads or even bulky items like pillows and bedding that maybe just need airing. No more struggling to lift them up in the air. Just load at a convenient height for yourself and then lift the rotary section with ease to the required height.

The double-stem design makes light work of it - and saves your back at the same time. No bending, no reaching, just easy, stress-free loading and unloading. The SmartLift positively glides into action when required and saves you any difficulty. And with the height adjustable between 92 and 205 cm you'll easily find the right working level.

And Sometimes Size Really Does Matter

This rotary washing line is not just easy to use. It's got a high load capacity too. No less than 60 M of washing line is available for you to hang out your linen, so it will cope easily with a big wash. Sheets, even duvets are hung with ease on this rotary clothes line.

And the patented Line Tight system adjusts automatically, keeping the drying lines taut at all times so there is no sag. It's even got holes at the end of the rotary arms to use with coat hangers for those more delicate items and avoid creasing. And when it's time to pack it all away the SmartLift just folds down in seconds ready to have its zip-up weather proof cover popped on or if you prefer you can remove it from the ground tube and hang it out of sight using the sturdy fitted hanging loop.

Not Just a Rotary Dryer

This SmartLift rotary washing line comes complete with some extras. You get a metal ground spike making installation easy on your lawn (a ground tube for fixing into concrete is also available separately). But that's not all. In addition the rotary clothes line comes with a zip-up weather resistant cover and a peg bag which hangs neatly on the line when in use which saves you even more bother looking for all those missing clothes pegs. Brabantia just make life easier for you because they love your laundry.

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Designed to give you a helping hand, Brabantia's range of laundry dryers from its SmartLift Rotary Washing Line, offering up to 60 M of drying space, to its wall mounted WallFix that’s always ready for use, provide a natural solution for drying your laundry. And even better, for every one of its laundry dryers sold, Brabantia together with non-profit organisation WeForest - dedicated to biodiverse tree planting, will plant a tree to create a greener world for generations to come.

A Brand From Netherlands

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